Archived // Philanthropist Spotlight
Tim Noonan
Giving back makes a difference
By: Maryam Mimi Makabi
Growing up in a small house in Van Nuys with four brothers, Tim Noonan learned early to be resourceful and competitive—two qualities that prepared him well to succeed in business.  He also gained a strong sense of “community” and an ability to build lasting relationships with people.  It’s no wonder he later carved out a huge enterprise in the insurance business and became one of the nation’s top producers in his field.  Nor is it surprising he has a large circle of friends.  His father, who has always been a part of Tim’s life, greatly influenced the man Tim would become.  Tim was also inspired by another influential role model, the late Jack Lockton, who shared the same vision of business and community service, and provided Tim the stage to play out his dream. 
When Tim took the helm as CEO and president of Lockton Insurance Brokers before he turned forty, he vowed to emulate these role models in both his personal and business life.  He carried out his ambitious plan to grow Lockton Insurance Brokers to become one of the top three insurance brokerages in Los Angeles in just 10 years and, in spite of a hectic schedule, established a legacy of community service that encompasses more than 35 organizations today.  “It’s not just about giving,” says Tim.  ”It’s about serving as a role model in the business world and working in the community to help others succeed in their life challenges.”  Tim and his family have been recognized many times as caring philanthropists, not only in dollar donations, but also in an investment of their own personal time to help make a difference.

Recently,Tim Noonan addressed a room of 50 teens participating in a Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) program that gives them a first-hand look at businesses, career paths and the professional experiences of YPO members, many who are prestigious leaders within Los Angeles’ community.  Noonan, now 48, was honored as a new member of YPO when he was named CEO and president of a major corporation prior to turning 40.
He talked briefly about the insurance business before he moved on to a subject he felt would be more relevant: drug abuse.  Tim shared his experience of helping teens in treatment at Phoenix House, a leading substance abuse treatment organization where he serves on the board of directors.  He talked about drug awareness, the impact of drug use on teen lives, and recovery.  The topic must have resonated with the group.  Tim was the highest rated speaker of the dozen YPO members participating in the YLAB (Youth Learning About Business) program that week. 
Giving back to the community is not just about charitable contributions, according to Tim.  It’s involvement and time, something that is scarce in any executive’s life, particularly for Tim who often is left with only several hours for family time and less than five hours of sleep each night before he starts a new day.  Yet he continues to support a host of organizations that look to his acumen, business relationships and access to finance.